Hawkeye: In those days there were Giants on the Face of the Earth

“”Love is like a rock against the wind.”

“The only thing worse than a revolving door is a closed door.”

On a happy note, Hawkeye would like to congratulate Afoua Moega Lutu on his nomination for Attorney General in the great Territory of Amerika Samoa! This is a wise choice by the incoming administration, and a leap in the right direction for wise leadership that has been well proven time and again!

This is from the Keyboard of Hawkeye.

Hawkeye has been busy in the smallest room of his Fale reading from the Books of Revelation, and Geniuses. Hawkeye just wanted to refresh his memory of things to come, or not to come! It has pretty well been ruled out by the super scientist’s, and the NASA, that the end of days, AKA “Doomsday,” or “Ticket’s to Ride,” will not likely happen during our lifetime. To be on the safe side, Hawkeye will keep his Chariot at the ready for a departure in a moment’s notice. He will also keep his sweet Leanor close by so as to ensure a timely boarding of their Doomsday Chariot.

It is getting close to the time when all doubt can be cleared on the subject. If we all awaken from our nightmares on December 22nd, with our anatomies intact, we will safely be able to tell each other that “WE MADE IT!” Then we can gather by the campfires and pick each other’s noses in gratification for things and events in the historical past. Over.

Hawkeye cannot wait for February to roll around so he and Sweet Leanor can celebrate their Wedding Anniversary. This makes February a special month for Hawkeye as he gets to do special things for Leanor, such as taking her shopping at Foodland.

Hawkeye overheard something about Gale Wind Warnings for Wednesday of this week, December 12, 2012. Hawkeye hopes that by the time we all read this column that we will have been cleared from the “Path of Natures Wrath.” As seen in other parts of the Globe, anything is possible with the changes in weather patterns. Hawkeye is by no means close to being a meteorologist, but he is smart Enuff to tell when it is time to batten down the hatches!

A person called Hawkeye the other day and asked if he had seen the Christmas tree at the main gate of ASPA, Tafuna. Hawkeye of course answered that he had, and was quick to tell the nosey Homo-sapien that he thought it was a wonderful Idea. This should assist in getting the message out to those would be recyclers just what you can accomplish by being a “Non-Litterbug!”

This is the first time in the 27 years of Hawkeye’s residency in Wonderland that he has seen an anti-litter program come together so well.

There is a marked improvement along our roadsides mainly due to ASPA’S Recycling Program. The Christmas tree is the icing on the Keke! This is the creation from imagination, as after Christmas we can use the tree as a Buoy to guide seasick sailors to our shores in an effort to enhance tourism! Hum.

So Malo to the folks of The American Samoa Power Authority! May you all have a very happy Holiday Season. As a matter of fact, and to take it to the limit, Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor wish everyone in Greater Wonderland a very happy Holiday Season! This also applies to the Samoa News Staff as well as the incoming gubernatorial administration..

Getting back to Hawkeye’s read, in revelation there are some real bad creatures coming out of the heavens. We will need more than “Fiery Chariots” to get us away from this should it come to pass.

There are going to be issues for sure. When one has to deal with Seven Headed Goats, and women with snakes for hair, we are in the deep dark s%@ts folks! Hawkeye wonders what these women do for “Permanents?” There is a lot of violence in revelations. No wonder we watch today’s news and see people getting riddled with Machine Gun Fire in Shopping Centers, Churches and Movie Theaters. Then after finishing Revelation, Hawkeye went to the book of Genesis just to sort of catch up on happenings a few million years ago when traveling was still very dangerous. There was one man and one woman. Then there were two Sons, (Cain & Able) then there was a whole slew of children? Hawkeye is still trying to decipher that one, although the seven headed beasts seem to have disappeared in Genesis. There was however a snake that kept stirring trouble, so much so that it got Adam & Eve kicked out of the Garden. This must have been like being cut off as a welfare recipient! Now everyone had to work for a living. Plowing fields, planting crops, harvesting grain, and stomping grapes. At any rate, the King James Version of the Bible is a fine read for anyone who decides to read in the smallest room of their Fale. This is where the prime time is fans!

Love to all until next week,

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.


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