Local photographer Keith Dahl passes away

Nov. 22, 2012 photo of Keith Dahl by Catherine Buchanan

Baha'i Pioneer, avid photographer, children's class teacher and trusted accountant Keith Dahl passed away at his home in Iliili Monday morning. His three brothers from around the world have been notified and the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of Iliili are making preparations for his funeral and will have an announcement coming soon.

Fellow Baha’i John Ludgate notified friends around the world and said, “Our whole island will sorely miss this kind and gentle soul. It seems his last contact was likely with his good friend Lilian Alai via email on Friday evening. Please include him in your prayers each day until the funeral arrangements are complete.”

The recent picture (Nov 22) was taken of him at the Feleti Barstow Library by artist Catherine Buchanan who was doing 30 paintings in 30 days while she visited the territory.

Catherine got Keith to tell her a story about his first camera—an instamatic given to him by his mom. He has been taking pictures in Samoa since 1975 and has donated them to the Feleti Barstow Library.

He was recently seen working in the Library’s conference room, sorting pictures (he had several thousand, perhaps tens of thousands) while Catherine painted.

Keith's reply to Catherine's request is a classic. Catherine explained, "I set up at a table next to where he was sorting boxes of prints and I asked him if I could use one of his photos of a women’s cricket match (kilikiti) to do a painting — so he brought in a few hundred to choose from."


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