photo: Fred Uoka Baice on Go the Manu Facebook page

The Samoa Meteorological Services issued a special weather bulletin at 5 a.m. Friday (Samoa time) reiterating that the hurricane warning remains in effect for Upolu and a hurricane watch is still in effect for Savaii. 

According to the Meteorological Services, Tropical Cyclone Evan was moving west northwest at 5mph and was located at about 13.64 s outh, 171.48 west or 20 miles east northeast of Apia or 24 miles north of Aleipata at 131400 UTC or 4:00 a.m. this morning. If Evan continues on its current track, it will relocate at 15 miles east of Apia at 8am this morning and turning southwest and intensifying.

Cyclonic winds within 20 nautical miles from centre will increase to 75 mph to 90 mph within the next 6-12 hours.


For Upolu: South to southeast winds of 75-90 mph with higher gusts of up to 100 mph mainly at exposed areas. Poor visibility in heavy rain. Damaging storm surges of 12-16 feet and very rough seas. Periods of occasional rain, moderate to heavy falls at some areas with thunderstorms.

For Savaii: South to southwest winds of 50-70 mph, with higher gusts mainly at exposed areas. Poor visibility in heavy rain. Seas very rough with storm surge of 12-14 feet . Periods of rain, heavy at times with thunderstorms.


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