ASTA’s Larry Magalasin wins the Boys 12 & Under Waikato Xmas Junior Open Tennis Tournament

American Samoa’s Junior Tennis Player Larry Magalasin (right), captured the Boys 12 & Under Championship Trophy yesterday at the Waikato Xmas Junior Open Tennis Tournament. Next to Magalasin is the #1 seed Peter Hartono who Magalasin defeated in the Semi-Finals, thrusting the territory’s champ into the finals against #2 seeded Isaac Becroft of New Zealand. [courtesy photo]

American Samoa’s Junior Tennis Player Larry Magalasin, who trains with the American Samoa Tennis Association (ASTA) has completed play at the Waikato Xmas Junior Open Tennis Tournament, where he was part of an eight member team that consisted of Junior Tennis players from the Pacific representing the Oceania Region.

At the tender age of twelve, he not only was able to compete in his own age group (Boys 12 & Under), he also competed in the Boys 14 & Under Division as well, where he was able to earn a few wins, before being forced to play in the consolation matches. The tournament took place at the Perry Arena, Dey Street in Hamilton, New Zealand from December 7 through December 12th.

In the Boys 12 & Under Division, Magalasin was able to earn his way to the championship match that took place yesterday, where he defeated the #2 seeded Isaac Becroft of New Zealand 6-3 and 6-4 to became the Boys 12 & Under Waikato Xmas Junior Open Tennis Tournament Champion. “We are so proud of Larry and what he has accomplished. Fantastic job, Champ,” said ASTA President Billy Young ‘via’ email to Samoa News.

Before reaching the finals, Magalasin knocked off the #6 seeded player Liam Mortmer 6-0 and 6-3, that set up a big showdown with the #1 seeded player Peter Hartono in the Semi-Finals, where he defeated the #1 seeded Hartono 6-2 and 6-2, thrusting Magalasin into the finals championship match against Becroft.

There were emails sent to Samoa News congratulating Magalasin on winning this prestigious tournament, from family members, fans and supporters of the game of tennis.

Samoa News also had a chance to speak with Dave Godinet of ASTA, the American Samoa National Coach, who said, “All of the hard work paid off in this tournament and will continue to pay off as long as he keeps coming out and practicing and putting his time in.”

“His parents played a big part in this as they are very supportive of him and bring him out constantly to the courts to practice. Larry always tries his best all of the time he is on the court as he is constantly focused and ready to play, due to all of the hard work he puts in. He is proof that hard work pays off. Congratulations, Larry!” he said.

Godinet went on to say that he thanks the Department of Parks and Recreation for their constinual support of not only tennis, but of all the sports programs that they are involved in throughout the year.


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