USP publishes Enright's prize winning poetry

Book Cover: USP Press

14 Degrees South: Selected Poems, American Samoa, 1981-2006 has just been released by the University of the South Pacific Press.  It is a winner of the USP Press Prize for poetry, recognizing the contribution of the veteran Pacific author and activist John Enright, formerly of American Samoa.

The selection, a distillation of his poetic output during 26 years living in the islands, captures both the simplicity and the mystery of island life.

Joseph Kennedy, author of The Tropical Frontier: America’s South Seas Colony, says in the liner notes,

 “…  Enright sings the lyrical song of Samoa in ways unmatched by anyone, anytime in the history of those islands, and it has been crafted by the hand of a master. This collection stands tall in the first rank of Pacific literature and for many years will set the standard for books of its kind. An absolute must read for those seeking the island soul.”

Enright’s first mystery novel in a series of three, Pago Pago Tango debuted last month and is available at amazon.com. (Click on ad on this website.)

The poetry collection 14 Degrees South is available though  USP Press in Suva at uspbookcentre.com.

It will be available for purchase in the U.S. some time next year.


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