"Another great sunny day for our team" says ASTA president from N.Z.

American Samoa’s junior tennis player Larry Magalasin who is competing in the Waikato Xmas Junior Open Tennis Tournament (Dec. 7-12) in Hamilton, New Zealand in the Boys 14 & Under Division. He is on a team made up of junior tennis players from different island nations representing the Pacific and is pictured playing against the #15 seeded Zac Urquhart on an indoor court. [courtesy photo]

The #1 ranked Junior Tennis Player in the 12 & Under Division in the Pacific Larry Magalasin of American Samoa, is making his presence felt at the Waikato Xmas Junior Open Tennis Tournament that is being held at the Perry Arena, Dey Street in Hamilton, New Zealand. The tournament began on December 7 and will conclude December 12.

Magalasin is part of an eight member Pacific team of Junior Tennis Players from different island nations representing the Oceania Region.

Despite being only 12 years old, Magalasin is not only competing in the Boys 12 & Under Division, but also in the Boys 14 & Under Division as well. According to the American Samoa Tennis Association (ASTA) where he trains, he is competing in the upper age division for mainly developmental reasons, not to mention his high skill level and power for a 12 year old.

In the Boys 14 & Under Division play in this tournament which Magalasin is competing,  he was able to hang with most of his opponents, eventually succumbing to high seeded players with more power. He was able to win his two consolation matches in the Boys 14 & Under Division, which Samoa New Reported on in yesterday’s sports section. Magalasin is now competing in the Boys 12 & Under Division which began yesterday.

“As for updates on our 12 & Under Oceania Team, another great sunny day indeed in Hamilton,” said President of the ASTA Billy Young ‘via’ email to Samoa News. “Today we kicked off with the Under twelve tournament. Our island kids played with a lot of courage and determination. They were all impressive”.

“This was a great day for Oceania. I was very happy with what I saw from our players. As you all could see, the results from our Oceania twelve and under players were great today. Go Oceania, go!" exclaimed Young.

Stay tuned to Samoa News for the latest update on the Junior Tennis Players Oceania Team. You can review the results at tnz.tournamentsoftware.com.

Here are the results from the 12 & Under Oceania Team on the first day of play:

Oceania Team Boys 12 & Under:

Luther Lizama (Northern Mariana Islands) lost to Anton Shepp 1-6 3-6

Luther Lizama/Harley Cronin (Samoa)-Doubles-defeated Jermaine Andeweq/Lakhan Clark 6-1 6-1

Larry Magalasin (American Samoa) defeated Nick Beamish 6-2 6-0

Larry Magalasin defeated Lakhan Clark 6-0 6-1

Larry Magalasin/Reynald Taaroa (Tahiti)-Doubes-defeated Angus Buckley Green/Mohanad Elwakil 6-0 6-0

Reynald Taaroa defeated Jordan Santy 6-0 6-1

Reynald Taaroa defeated Caelan Potts 7-5 6-2

Harley Cronin defeated Filippo La Cava 6-1 6-0

Harley Cronin defeated Jin Dassanayake 6-1 6-2

Oceania Girls Team 12 & Under:

Ruby Coffin (Fiji) defeated Tiamai Koteka 6-0 6-0

Ruby Coffin defeated Tharubphet Homkrum 6-4 6-2

Ruby Coffin/Emma Maucotel (Vanuatu)-Doubles-defeated Sophie Michl/Emma Myaura 6-1 6-3

Isabel Heras (Northern Mariana Islands) defeated Hannah Yee 6-0 6-0

Isabel Heras defeated Letava Tafunai 6-0 6-1

Carol Lee (Northern Mariana Islands) defeated Cassidy Hughes 6-0 6-0

Carol Lee defeated Annabel Coates 6-3 6-1

Emma Maucotel defeated Manamea Koteka 6-0 6-0

Emma Maucotel defeated Phoebe Adler 7-6 6-2

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