Little League competition heads into final week of play

Zeph Pati making a base hit for the East Side Braves (10-12 year old division) in this year’s American Samoa Little League Baseball Fall competition against the Fatu-O-Aiga Angels this past Saturday at the Tony Solaita Baseball Field. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

The American Samoa Little League Baseball Fall competition is heading into final week of play with the top four teams in the Major League Division 10-12 year olds in the playoffs.

“The club organizations along with the parents and their supporters have been great throughout this Fall competition,” said President of the American Samoa Baseball Association (ASBA) and the American Samoa Little League Baseball, J. Victor Langkilde.

In this Fall competition, the ASBA has partnered with the Department of Parks and Recreation to open the Fall program for its Little League competition.

“The ASBA thanks all of the clubs, the Department of Parks and Recreation and all of its volunteers and partners. We look forward to a great closing of the Fall season heading into our Christmas break for the kids,” he said.

In the latest action that took place last Saturday in the Major League Division, the Fatu-O-Aiga Angels defeated the East Side Braves in extra innings by a score of 10-9, while the Tafuna Cubs A team downed the Leone A’s, 12-2.

In the Minor League Division 7-9 year olds, the Leone A’s got by the Tafuna Cubs 4-3. In the second Minor League game Saturday, the East Side Braves and the Tafuna Pirates played to a 2-2 tie.

Today will be the last Minor league game with the Angels taking on the Braves.

Tomorrow, the Major League Division will begin their playoffs with the Cubs A team playing the Rockies. On Thursday in the second Major League Division playoffs, the Angels will play against the Cubs B team. All of these games will be played at the Tony Solaita Baseball Field with a scheduled starting time of 4:00 p.m. The Major League Division championship game will also be played at the Tony Solaita Baseball Field with a scheduled starting time of 9:00 a.m. this coming Saturday morning.

Langkilde would like to invite the public out to the rest of these American Samoa Little League Baseball games.

Here are the final regular season standings of the Major League Division:

TEAM            W            L

Tafuna Cubs A            5            1

Fatu-O-Aiga Angels            4            2

Tafuna Cubs B            4            2

Mapusagafou Rockies            3            3

Leone A’s            3            3

East Side Braves            2            4

Tafuna Pirates            0            6


Latest standings in the Minor League Division not counting yesterday’s game:

TEAM            W            L

Tafuna Pirates            5            1

Leone A’s            4            2

Tafuna Cubs            3            4

East Side Braves            2            3

Fatu-O-Aiga Angels            1            5

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