Mobile phone companies in Samoa ordered to remove 4G advertising

Two of Samoa’s major mobile phone companies have been ordered to remove any advertising claiming they operate fourth generation networks by the Office of the Regulator.

BlueSky Ltd and Digicel Ltd officially launched media campaigns in Samoa in December last year and March this year respectively, promoting their 4G networks.

The Office of the Regulator requested the companies submit evidence to support their claims and found that while there was an advancement on the services they had previously provided, they didn’t meet 4G standards as set by the International Telecommunications Union.

The regulator, Donnie De Freitas, says both BlueSky and Digicel started removing advertising labelling their service as 4G, before the office’s determination.

“They have been instructed to remove all reference to 4G so all the references to 4G have been removed, even prior to the finalisation of the determination.”

Donnie De Freitas from the Office of the Regulator in Samoa


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