ASPA recycles for the holidays

[photo: JL]

If you were wondering what that cone-shaped thingy was in front of the American Samoa Power Authority offices in Tafuna — Samoa News was asked by one caller, if it was a “new way to get money from us” — wonder no more.

Some ASPA employees took a break from working on their Christmas tree, which they are creating with empty water and soda bottles. Tasisa Sosopo, Laupama Vala’au and Turituri Turituri are attaching recycled bottles to the wood they have formed in the cone-shape of a Christmas tree.

Sosopo said the bottles they are using are from the recycling program that ASPA has begun for the territory.

The highly successful program allows plastic and glass bottles and containers to be turned into ASPA in return for a voucher which can be credited toward electricity bills. Lines continue to form as early as 3 a.m. on the days ASPA has scheduled for the public to come in and bring their recyclables — which include old tires, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.

American Samoa has never looked so clean — with ‘trash’ transformed into dollars.


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