Hawkeye: Waitin for the Change

“Never believe in that old “NO COMMENT” business: always have comments.”

“Each of us must make our own true way. When we do, that will become the “UNIVERSAL WAY.”

A good Saturday Morning to all of you fine Homo-sapiens of Wonderland. It is a fine day to be alive! It looks as though the new administration is “hitting the ground running.”

This is what it takes fans to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Those who find themselves in the Arena are the ones that must fight the fights! The Transition teams will have their tethers removed on December 6th, as the news has it, and then we sit back and wait to find out just what financial condition the Government is really in! We must take projects in order of priority and make it happen!

Follow through is one main ingredients that seems to have been lacking in the recipe of the operation of a successful Government. We see people riding around in plush SUV’S sporting 24 Hour Government Plates, hauling Children to school, church, Choir Practice etc. and it causes one to wonder if those people ever had a Taavale of their own prior to having been lucky enough to know the right people that enabled them to land a Government Cabinet Position in the first place!

We should think about cutting out the purchases of SUV’S and take that Tupe to hire a Veterinarian! Citizens are becoming attached to pets on a daily basis, and would more than gladly have them spayed and or neutered if they had a provision for this. In the meantime, we are slipping backwards in the fight for Animal Population Control! No matter how miniscule this may sound, this is something that needs to be addressed right up front!

It is disgusting to hear Cruise Ship Passengers commenting on the roadside trash, and the unsightedly stray animals! The bottom line is the bottom line fans. All areas need to be addressed including off Island Travel at the expense of the Government.

While we are on the subject of Government Spending and waste, Wasn’t it the intent that the Vessel that was first called the inter Island Manua Boat (The Nice Plush White One) and later to be known as the Kovana’s (Governors) Yacht, supposed to service the fine citizens of Manua? Then not to mention the Seagull, which quickly became the Governors Private Plane? Then there is the Manuatele III which was designated as the Manua Boat, followed by the MV Sili, several LCU’S, and the beat goes on. These are some of the transactions that the Auditors need to scrutinize more closely. Why did we purchase two useless barges and an excavator?

Why did we purchase an antique Tugboat? Hawkeye will suggest that one of the main reasons is that we were ill advised by incompetent Marine Surveyors. Over. All pertinent information is totally useless unless someone will take the ball and run with it.

In this case, it will be the incoming administration and its underlings to handle the small stuff. Humm. This is all that Hawkeye will comment on the subject matter at hand.

Hawkeye is not the only Homo that is concerned about the Polar Bears. Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor were watching, and re-watching, and re-watching the History / Nat.G channel and were sorry to watch the poor Polar Bear’s out on the Ice with nowhere to go except down or up, of which neither option was feasible.

They said that within the next fifty years there would be nowhere for the Polar Bears to live in the absence of Polar Ice! This is all the more reason for us to step up the development of “Swains Island!” Give the Polar Bears a pair of designer sunglasses, and some fish to eat, and they will become Tourist attractions that will last well into the 31st century! Of course, we have time to hold out to see what we will be looking at on the morning of December 22nd 2012!

Perhaps we will need the Polar Bears to pull our Chariots in to the “wild blue yonder!” “Ride Camels Ride!” Now aside from the Polar Bears, Camels, Donkeys, Burros, and Homos, we shall all gather at the river! What river? beats Hawkeye but he will begin with the mighty Susquehanna!  {Two miles wide at “Peach Bottom!”} After that, we will all once again become Hunter/Gathers if the Polar Ice keeps shifting, and thus disappearing! Hawkeye is keeping his ears to the ground listening to hear if he can see the latest news about Wal-Mart heading for Wonderland.

We can add to our entertainment by purchasing tickets for the “Little Harvey Wal-Mart” Competition. Unlike some of our Businesses here in Hooterville, Wal-mart commits to community projects even if you make no purchase with Wal-mart! Hawkeye is happy to see that progress is being made on the improvements to the Airport/ Route 1 connection. This is long overdue fans, and perhaps we will have a more enjoyable ride over the Holidays.

Speaking of the Holidays, “White Christmas Makes Hawkeye Shiver!”

Keep the Moa in the Pot!

Love until this time next week,

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor


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