McDonald’s MSP pageant live on KVZK ch 2


Gov. Togiola Tulafono announced today on his Saturday radio program that the 2012 McDonald’s Miss South Pacific Pageant hosted by American Samoa will be broadcast live tonight on state run KVZK-TV, channel 2, whose signal is picked up by some areas of neighboring Samoa.

Togiola says airing the pageant live would allow the rest of the community in the territory to witness the regional pageantry because there is no general admission sitting this year. He then apologized to local residents, who have complained about not being able to get general admission tickets to the event, at the Governor Rex Lee Auditorium.

Togiola said he wanted to make clear to the community that the Miss South Pacific does not belong to American Samoa and all arrangements are done in cooperation between the host country and the Miss South Pacific board

This year, he says, there is tremendous support form the business community and they have taken up all the corporate tables for pageant night, leaving no room for general admission.  Togiola hopes that the community watching the event on TV will be pleased with this year’s pageant where 10 contestants from throughout the region compete for the Miss South Pacific title.

The pageant is owned by the Samoa government and is overseen by a board of directors, whose membership includes American Samoa, one of the original members of the board. David Vaeafe, executive director of the American Samoa Visitor’s Bureau is the territory’s representative on the board.

Vaeafe told Samoa News this week that from the beginning only corporate seating would be available for pageant night and all corporate tables are already sold out.


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