Ruby-Anne Laufa
Miss Papua New Guinea, Ruby-Anne Laufa was born Feb. 13, 1992 and is a second year law student at the Univ. PNG

I am an outgoing person who likes to meet new people and experience new things. I believe that every person is unique in their own way and that it should be embraced.

I am currently studying Law at the University of Papua NewGuinea which is PNG’s premiere university. I recently completed my second year of degree program.

I am the eldest of three girls. My father is a lawyer by profession and a senior law lecturer at the University of Papua New Guinea. My mother is a long time employee with PNG’s national airlines Air Niugini and is currently a port manager.

My father is the biggest influence in my life as he was my first teacher and has continued to be. I would not be the woman I am becoming if it were not for his steady influence.           

I was born and raised in Papua New Guinea and attended a private school in the nation’s capital Port Moresby till year 10. After completion of year 10 in 2007 I moved to Melbourne, Australia where I completed my high school years 11-12. I then applied to the Law School of the University of Papua New Guinea where I was offered a space to study and returned in 2010.

As both a young woman and student, I am very passionate when it comes to issues affecting youth and women. I hope to use this platform towards the empowerment of both women and youth as I believe they form the integral part of families yet are the most vulnerable in many societies.


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