Drue Slatter was born January 10, 1993 and is a student at USP

I am currently a Bachelor of Arts Student at the University of the South Pacific, majoring in Journalism and Marine Affairs.

The eldest of 5 siblings, I graduated from International School Suva with an International Baccalaureate Diploma.

The diverse environment taught me the importance of recognizing the value of my Pacific culture, whilst striving to be a global citizen and a worthy representative of Fiji.

I grew up on the Coral Coast of the main island of Viti Levu and have always had a passion for the ocean and all her inhabitants. I am a trained PADI Divemaster and have worked for a year as dive guide and divemaster at Diveaway Fiji, a scuba diving company in Sigatoka.

I am also a member of the USP choir, Pasifika Voices, and have had a passion for music, inherited from my grandmother, both vocal and guitar, from a young age. This expanded into an interest in poetry, musical theatre and Pacific arts and culture.

I strive to be an influential part of the next wave of environmental conservationists, utilizing both the media and sustainable resource management to inform Pacific Islanders of the importance of our natural environment. All things we hold dear to us; our culture, our food, our children or our arts are all inspired or sustained by our lands and our seas.

Public relations and the media are key to encouraging awareness and demanding transparent and environmentally-sustainable decisions from the leaders of our region.

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