AS 350 Club member to attend NZ conferences

350 Club member, Sandra Purcell heads for New Zealand Monday. [photo: 350.org]

The local Am. Samoa 350 Club is announcing that ASCC student and active 350 Club member, Sandra Purcell, has been chosen to be the club’s representative for the New Zealand National Commission, UNESCO Youth Forum, as well as the New Zealand “Power Shift” conference. Both events will be held at the University of Auckland, December 3-9.

Also, the Am. Samoa 350 Club is announcing an opportunity for persons under 35 who are engaged environmentalists to apply for the International Power Shift meeting in Turkey, June of 2013. Five hundred candidates worldwide will be selected. Applications for  the “Global Power Shift” close on December 16.

People interested are encouraged to make contact through the Am Samoa 350 Facebook page: https//www.facebook.com/groups/AmericanSamoa350 or contact R. Dale Long, coordinator, at 684-733-2014

(350.org’s environmental partner, “Power Shift “was established in the US in 2007. Since then, there have been similar mobilizations throughout Europe, Russia, Australia, Canada, and several other countries.)


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