Dear Editor,

I am very disappointed by the fact that this guy David Vaeafe of the Tourism Bureau has made it his point to NOT allow the people of American Samoa the right to buy individual tickets for the upcoming Miss South Pacific Pageant on Dec. 8th 2012.

Who does he think he is? Most of the people can’t even afford to pay for a Corporate Table for $750.00 so what is going on? I don’t think he is aware of the fact that some of our relatives supporting Miss Hawaii are paying for their own fares from Honolulu and would like to be there to support their contestant. Can they afford another $700.00 on top of that? Certainly NOT!!

Out of all the Miss South Pacific Pageants that have been held here this was never the case — so why now? When this pageant was held in Samoa the price for the individual tickets was $50.00 Tala each, which is equivalent to USD$20.00 so why is he changing this? This to me is very unprofessional and it just spells GREED all the way.

Please whoever is in this Miss South Pacific Committee you have to fight for the people’s right to see this Miss South Pacific Pageant. This pageant does not happen every year so do something about it! This country is all about democracy NOT Communism !!

As for Mr. David Vaeafe, faamolemole fesili Mulimai ia Muamai! You need to do your homework before slapping the people with that Corporate Table idea!


Ruta Fou


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