Samoa needs at least a week’s solid rainfall to prevent catchments drying out

The Samoa Water Authority says it needs at least a whole week’s worth of solid rainfall to prevent its catchments from drying out amid a looming water crisis.

The Authority is running radio and television campaigns across Samoa, urging people to conserve water, including having shorter showers and not wasting water by letting taps run continuously.

The Managing Director for the Water Authority, Tainau Titimaea says despite some recent downpours, the country is experiencing dry conditions in the capital Apia.

He says overall levels of water in the catchments are low.

“We really need a whole week of rain before we can say that the waters will be going up in our intakes and also in our tanks, giving water to the public.”

Tainau Titimaea says the Water Authority is sending tankers of water to people in need and it is fixing faulty and leaky pipelines to prevent waste.


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