Air NZ out of Apia imposes higher excess baggage fees

Air New Zealand customers traveling out of Samoa will be hit with an increase in excess baggage fees starting Tuesday.

Customers who pay for excess baggage at Faleolo Airport will pay $250 per additional piece, instead of $150 tala.

For an additional second piece, it will cost an added $400 tala, and for an additional third piece, $500 tala more; for flights to New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Overweight charge for bags over 23kg but under 32kg and oversized items will cost $250 tala instead of $150 tala.

For flights departing Samoa to all other destinations, an additional piece will cost $350 tala, a second piece will cost an added $450 tala and a third additional piece will cost an added $500 tala on top.

In an article printed in the New Zealand Herald, Air NZ spokeswoman Marie Hosking said the “higher excess fees would encourage customers to plan ahead and pre-purchase their baggage.”

She said “the charges reflected the cost of carrying additional weight on the aircraft, and the baggage fees did not constitute a large proportion of the company’s revenue stream.”


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