Man in Court for wife’s death in Samoa

A man accused of killing his wife has appeared before Chief Justice Patuiava’asue Falefatu Sapolu in the Supreme Court.

Faitasia Fa’alaa faced a murder charge in relation to the death of his wife last month.

The death of the Toamua woman was initially reported as a suicide case. But an investigation by the Police led to his arrest and the subsequent murder charge.

In Court on Monday, the man appeared without a lawyer.

So His Honour Chief Justice Patu suggested to him that he might like to seek legal representation given the seriousness of the charge he faces.

The man agreed.

As a result, the hearing was adjourned until 3 December 2012 as Fa’alaa– who has yet to enter a plea - was instructed to find a lawyer.

The deceased woman was a 29-year-old mother from Vailoa, Aleipata. She resided at her husband’s family at Toamua when she died.


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