AmSam Under 19 team to compete in Oceania Under-19 Championship games

courtesy photo

The American Samoa Under-19 National Rugby Team recently had a worship service at Kanana Fou. They will be competing in the 2012 Oceania Under-19 Championship games that will take place from Nov. 26 to Dec. 6 in Apia, Samoa.

The teams that will be competing are: host team Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

According to a recent Press Release put out by the Federation of Oceania Rugby Unions (FORU), through the Oceania Under 19’s Championship Legacy Program, FORU and the Samoa Rugby Union (SRU) are partnering with the Pacific in Union (PiU) Program.

The PiU according to the Press Release, is a tripartite between the International Rugby Board (IRB), the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Rugby Union whereby the youth of selected FORU Unions learn the rugby values of respect, sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline through the Rugby4Schools mass participation program. These outcomes are delivered through rugby-themed activities in the classroom, on the field and at the festivals.

On the first day of play on Monday November 26, American Samoa will be matched up against Samoa.

TEAMS will be pooled as follows:

POOL A: Samoa,  American Samoa, Vanuatu

POOL B: Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands


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