Samoa Education Minister has second thoughts about disciplining methods

The Ministry of Education Sports and Culture is having second thoughts about completely eliminating the use of ‘force’ as a way of disciplining students.

Speaking to the Samoa Observer, new Chief Executive Officer, Matafeo Tanielu Aiafi said although the Public Service Commission (PSC) has outlawed the use of force by teachers to discipline students, there are cases where the use of “reasonable” force is called for.

The new CEO said the challenge is to find a balance because some teachers overstep the mark.

From experience though, Matafeo said the use of force, as a way of discipline, has always been part of the education experience in Samoa.

“In the past, there where children who were taught with a stick in the classroom and they never failed to provide good results,” he said.

The same could still apply today.

“The number of students from Colleges fighting in town is increasing and it’s a major concern,” said the CEO.


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