Samoa's new crematorium offers options

CREMATORIUM DEVELOPMENT: Esera, Pa’u Sefo Pa’u, his wife Ana, Eneliko and grandson Alex. [Samoa Observer]

An alternative to the way we normally bury our dead will soon be offered in Samoa.

A million tala plus crematorium being built inside the Tafaigata national cemetery will be opened next month.

Cremation is the process whereby a dead body is burned at high temperature until it turns into ashes. The process takes approximately 80 minutes.

In announcing the news, the owner, Pa’u Sefo Pa’u of Sefo’s Funeral Parlour at Moto’otua, is quietly confident that it will provide a much-needed service to the community.

“It also answers our land issues where some families don’t have enough land to bury their relatives,” said the former Member of Parliament.

In comparison to people paying for funeral plots and burials Pa’u said it will cost less for families to pay for cremation.

“We will still have our cultural concepts during funerals but what’s different, is the dead will be turned into ashes…a much cheaper and easier process.”

“The cost of a coffin is expensive whereas the box in which a person is cremated is only $100 so is it an option that is available.”


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