15-year-old Vaitogi boy swept out to sea


The Marine Patrol Division and the Fire Fighters with the Department of Public Safety are currently in Vaitogi searching for a 15 year old boy who was swept out to sea yesterday afternoon.

Commander of the Marine Patrol, Captain Tulele Laolagi told Samoa News the young boy was swimming with his brother and friends in Vaitogi when the incident occurred.

The 15 year old boy has been identified as Falefasa Mata’utia who was swept out in the rough seas.

Captain Laolagi said that since the young man was swept out to sea there has been no sign of him.

He said the Marine Patrol crew began their search after 4pm on Thursday and the search lasted for two hours.

Captain Laolagi said despite the rough seas, yesterday morning they continued their search using two marine patrol boats and three jet skis.

He said the search on Friday started at around 8am and continued until dark. The Captain said they are exploring all options for searching for Falefasa of Vaitogi.

Falefasa's family members are assisting the police and firemen in the search which will continue during the weekend.


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