‘Black beauty’ lands at Faleolo

TARMAC: Air New Zealand’s 777-300 sits on the tarmac at Faleolo International Airport. [Photo: Douglas Lamuel Ngau Chun]

The airplane, described by many onlookers a “black beauty” touched down at Faleolo on its first flight to Samoa.

The 777-range is the airline’s latest aircrafts serving flights out of New Zealand to the United States and other long haul destinations. Air New Zealand’s Business Development Manager, Nynnette Nelson told the Weekend Observer earlier this week that the aircraft is being introduced to Samoa to cater for the demand from customers for more room in flight.

“This aircraft type as well as our 777-200 is not regularly scheduled to operate into and out of Samoa,” said Mrs Nelson. “However, we are seeing more up gauges using these larger aircraft due to the demand for capacity and group travel.” The beauty of the B777-300, according to Air New Zealand, is their ‘skycouch’ feature.


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