Suicide suspected in Samoa traffic death

A man in his late 20s died when he drove off the Papapapaitai fall at Tiavi on Thursday night. The vehicle flew off the barriers on the side of the road and plummeted about 500 feet.

Police are treating the incident as a suicide attempt.

The man is Brad Bachelor, originally from Eugene in Oregon, United States of America.

His mother Carol Bachelor told the Weekend Observer yesterday that the police were at their residence to talk about what happened.

She was too upset to discuss the details of what happened.

On Thursday night, Members of the Fire and Emergency Service Authority (FESA) attempted first aid on Mr Bachelor- who was found about 300 meters down the cliff.

They could resuscitate him.

Assistant Commissioner, Fa’afouina Mupo described the death as a real tragedy.

“From what we’ve seen, it appears as if the car was on the main road and then it turned to where the fall is,” he said.

“It drove through the barriers that were there and it was speeding because if it was travelling at a slow speed, it wouldn’t have flown over the trees that were there.”

The Assistant Commissioner said it took the rescue team about six hours before they could find the body.

“We suspect that the death is a case of suicide,” he said.at


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