Samoa market price claims disputed

SETTLING IN: Some business owners are already settled in at Tole'afoa's compound at Fugalei. [Samoa Observer]

Sellers using Tole’afoa Fa’afisi’s property at Fugalei are not charged $105 per week.

Instead, they are being charged as little as $10 a day for using the property, Aiono Afaese Tole’afoa, Spokesman for Tole’afoa Enterprises, explained yesterday.

“It is no difference from when they were at the Fugalei Market,” he said. Aiono’s views were sought following complaints from some stall owners that the amount they were being charged was “too much.”

The stall owners were unhappy that they had to pay $50 for registration and then the weekly charge, which they claimed amounted to $105. But Aiono rejected the claims saying they were not true. “We are not charging these people $105 per week,” he said. He explained that a deal was agreed upon between the business owners and Tole’afoa during a meeting at 1pm, last Friday afternoon.

“The agreement made was that it would cost $50 for registration,” he said. “It was then agreed that it would be $10 for people bringing their own shelters. It would cost $15 for people using our tents. For people who operate food stalls, they would pay $20.


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