Carrum Downs Samoan SDA Youth cast performed before enthusiastic audiences this past Sunday, July 1. [courtesy photo]

The Youth from the Carrum Downs Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist Youth performed for the second year running the Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical Production “ Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”.

The cast of 40+ ranging from the ages of 2 years to 40 years brought to life the biblical story of Joseph. A lot of laughter, excitement, applause and tears from the audience. For many of the audience it was the first time they had attended a musical production. In other cases it was the first time local community members of different faiths had heard of the story of Joseph. Many local community members were touched by the messages throughout the story.

This event was free for all. At the end of the night all the guests received a light refreshment to take home. Many guest were so touched that they gave donations to assists with costs. “Though nothing is free in this world and to run a musical production is very costly, to see the tears and the emotions that night was well worth the investment” Expressed by Pr. Eddie Vaafusuaga Erika .

This will be an annual  event for the local community. This musical not only impacts the Audience to remind them of the unconditional love of God and his plan for those who put him first in Life. But it has impacted the members of the Carrum Downs Samoan SDA Youth, as well as the Youth Committee.

For many of the young people it was their first time performing in a musical drama, for some it was not something that they thought they wouldn’t do, as there is no room to hold back on facial expressions and singing in front of a live audience. This was a great opportunity for the youth to bring out their best talents for God and his purpose and that is to go out to the world the tell of his Love.

Only 12 months ago Pusa Manu was helping in the back stage, helping with moving props on and off the stage, this year he played the main lead role “Joseph”. Last year (2011) Pusa just moved back to Melbourne from Sydney to be with family. Joined the youth in the last week before the musical and assisted where ever he could. As Pusa watched from the back stage, he developed the desire to be a part of the cast for 2012. Unaware of God’s plan for him to hold the lead role.  “Any role he said would do! maybe a soldier perhaps” Pusa said! But God had something else in mind for him.

You could say this is a story within a story. And that God is everywhere and he has a plan for everyone who is willing to allow him to take control of their life! God always knows best!

Source: Carrum Downs Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist Youth media release


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