Under 19 Baseball Team “stronger and better" each day

First baseman for the Under 19 American Samoa Boys Baseball Team, JV Langkilde last Friday in St. George, at Utah’s Dixie State Bruce Hurt Field. [courtesy photo]

The Under 19 American Samoa Boys Baseball Team chalked up another loss last Friday in St. George Utah at Dixie State’s Bruce Hurt Field, this time to the hands of the Beavers, a local team from the area by a score of 8-4, during their summer exhibition games in Utah. They are scheduled to soon be playing against teams in Canada on this road trip.

 Speaking of their effort, team coach Victor Langkilde said, “The boys did well. They started strong, but could not end the game in the same way. They are, however, getting stronger and doing better each day, offensively and defensively.” Langkilde, who is on the road with the team, is also the head of the American Samoa Baseball Association.

One of the players from the American Samoa Team that was recently highlighted in St. George was Ieti Savelio, who is leading the American Samoa Under 19 Team during their exhibition games in Utah. In an interview with the Spectrum, at www.thespectrum.com,  Savelio said, “Words can’t express the way I feel right now. Baseball will give me a chance to get a better education, get a good job and help me support my support my family back home”.

Langkilde told the Spectrum that Savelio is one of the poster children for what the team is hoping to consistently produce. “As far as the game of baseball is concerned, he is a very athletic young man. He is very well rounded and he’s got a good head on his shoulders. He is a great player, but we are looking for bigger and better things to come.”

Savelio, who signed to play baseball on a full scholarship next spring at Eastern Utah, told the Spectrum that he feels honored to wear the island’s uniform. Savelio who is a player/coach on the team, feels that the team will continue to improve.

“Friday’s result, a loss to Beaver, was a stepping stone on that path to improvement,” he said.

This coming July 7, the American Samoa team will be traveling to Canada where they will be playing more Under 19 Teams before returning to the territory on July 15.

Stay tuned to Samoa News for more updates of the Under 19 American Samoa Boys Baseball Team.


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