Prostitution surfaces again in Samoa

HOUSE OF SORTS: The open Samoan fale near the Nurses Association Hall used by theChinese workers and Samoan sex workers. [Photo / Observer staff photographer]

Prostitution, the “oldest profession” according to bards of old, has reared its head again in Samoa.

Despite the fact it is illegal on these shores, prostitution appears to be a reality at Moto’otua. A letter to the Editor alerted the Samoa Observer to events between “Samoan ladies and Chinese workers” working on the new National Hospital wing, at Moto'otua. So the Samoa Observer decided to check out the situation over a couple of nights.

“I write with much concern regarding prostitution that is occurring at Moto’otua (the abandoned house to the left of the Head of State's residence),” said the letter (letter in full on page 5). The letter said Chinese workers use the “abandoned house” to meet young Samoan women in the evenings. It seems that it is not the best kept secret in the area. Many security guards in the area were aware of what was happening. They asked for their names to be withheld.

The Samoa Observer discovered that the “abandoned house” was in fact an open Samoan fale with nothing in the way of furniture except for a single chair. This writer found that the chair was used by a large Samoan lady who behaved like a madam, accepting monies from Chinese males. A security guard, who did not want to be named, told the Samoa Observer that it has been happening for a long time.


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