Hawkeye: Ain’t no use in Cryin

“To me, old age is fifteen years older than I am.”

“Some think it’s holding on that make one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.”

And a fine Memorial Day Weekend to all friends, valued Fans, and Loyal readers of Hawkeye, and of course the Samoa News.

Hawkeye has started his weekly column on Sunday, as he has found himself in a “Bit of a Tizzy” these days.

Hawk was reading that there are at least 18 known cases of Adult Suicide in the US Military Veteran Population, daily.

Hawkeye will say this for starters: There is nothing in this world worth taking your own life over. Hawkeye has certainly wrestled with the demons a few times in his lifetime and He can vouch for the fact that there are other means of getting over the tough spots that life deals us.

There are people out there who are trained to talk people out of committing suicide, but once that river of life has been crossed all the way in the Homo-sapien mind, there is no turning back. The realistic point to be made here is to seek professional help, and if you do not feel comfortable with that, seek out someone that you feel that can place themselves on your level, and discuss the potential problem before it becomes a permanent problem.

Nothing, repeat, nothing is worth the pain and agony that you will cause every member of your family who truly love you for who and what you are.

Make no bones about it, Life can be a real “Bitch” and the professional that is trying to tell you that it isn’t, is simply trying to Bull-S*%t himself so he can draw his next paycheck. Do a quick psychoanalysis of yourself, and in doing so you might just realize that things aren’t as bad as they seem. If you have guilt feelings over something you have done in the areas of battle, just remember that someone instructed you to do it in the name of freedom.

That in itself is worth doing a double take on ending your own life. Seek Help, and it will come in the strangest of forms, most of which are all productive.

Life on the other hand can be wonderful, depending of course on how you look at it, and of course depending on what you expect out of life. Avoid self pity at all cost and do not allow anyone to try to tell you that you are a bad person. Keep your head high, and face life on a daily basis no matter where you are, or what you happen to be doing at the time. Keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts, and there will be no room for ill fated thoughts such as those of suicide.

Granted, life can seem like a “Box of Birds” from time to time, but nothing that cannot be surmounted in the here and now. No need to rush your way out of this life, as it is short enough as it is!

Hawkeye was so relaxed on Memorial Day that he slept in until nearly 0500! Then he heard revile sound in the treetops, and he was “Up-&-Attem! Sweet Leanor was scurrying about getting “Old Glory” raised over the dwelling in honor of all of those great men & women that have gone before us as a result of their “Ultimate Sacrifice” in that we may continue to live in a genuinely “Freedom Laced Society” better known as the “USA!” {Over & Out}

One Homo-sapien of the female species approached Hawkeye at the Markeke {Market} the other day. She was sniveling and moaning about the general conditions of our Hooterville Highways: namely in areas such as that of the intersection in front of ASPA Tafuna. She said that her husband used to be a Space Shuttle Pilot, and therefore has experience at temporary repairs to roadways. She said that her Husband suggested that the road maintenance people dig down about 1.05 feet, install some revetment matting, and pour concrete!

While this temporary repair would more than likely become permanent, it would solve a lot of problems and curb a whole lot of pissing & moaning from little old ladies of the West! It would also stop the ever repeated filling of the holes created by heavy rains, allowing those repair crews time to attend to more important problems.

So Hawkeye will suggest that the Faipules get more involved and find some funding for temporary / Permanent Road Repairs. Then “who Gives” if there is no Asphalt shipped in from “Nu Sila” or parts further south.

Hawkeye has heard that they do not experience Pot Holes on Swains Island! Those folks apparently have it together over there. {Hawkeye can’t wait for a new Runway to be constructed on Swains so he & Sweet Leanor can go there for their second set of wedding vows!}

Hopefully, they will construct the runway using left over concrete from the Wonderland temporary road repair projects. Waste not, want not!

Until next week keep your chickens in the corral, and the Kiddies in school.

Someone needs to let the dogs out. {Who?}

Hawk & Sweet Leanor


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