More tax refunds released in time for long weekend


Just in time for the three-day Memorial Day weekend and high school graduation season, the Treasury Department released yesterday batch #10 of tax refunds for those who qualify.

Tax Office manager Melvin Joseph said the total amount of refund checks released yesterday comes to $489,670 - which is $183,776 for local and $305,894 for the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), funded by the U.S. Internal Revenue Services. This refund batch is for those who filed up to Apr. 4.

Since the first release of refunds in late January this year, the Treasury Department has issued 6,170 refunds with an overall total of more than $8.04 million - which includes $2.91 million for local and $5.12 million for ACTC, said Joseph adding that the Tax Office has so far processed over 8,000 tax refunds.


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