“Who is responsible for roads damages?”

Dear Editor:

Who is responsible with roads damages?  I reside in the village of Leone (le nu’u na taunu’u ai le tala lelei) and the roads there are ridiculous.  People come from everywhere to Leone to visit families, friends, The Healing Garden, personal reasons and “Bingo” at the Leone Catholic Parish Hall.  And I am so embarrassed and disappointed with our roads. Potholes are almost everywhere from Puapua to Auma especially the intersection heading to Sogi passing the Siona LMS Church and the road in front of California grocery store. Again, who is responsible for this serious matter? Is our Representative Puletu Dick Koko doing anything about this? I am pretty much sure he isn’t. What about the Department of Public Works? Nope!  Governor and Lt. Governor? Airena!

I am a concerned citizen and want to be treated “First” with my concerns. Can somebody please help me out?

Thank You

Nicki Minaj


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