Mulitalo going out on a limb at St. Joseph in Samoa

Former NFL player Mulitalo will uproot family from Utah for distant coaching job.

Imagine: You’ve retired from a long and successful NFL career after making millions. You have a wife, four children and a lot of spare time.

What do you do with your money and your influence? Right — uproot yourself from the U.S. to move to Western Samoa to help start its first American football program.

No? That wouldn’t be your first choice? Well it’s a no-brainer for Edwin Mulitalo, the offensive guard who once won a Super Bowl with the Ravens. And he knows already that he’s in for a challenge.

"This isn’t like American Samoa — it’s still a little bit raw," he says. "We’ll be going up against rugby, and that’s going to be tough."

It was only a few months ago when Mulitalo started hearing some requests from St. Joseph, a private school in Western Samoa. They needed helmets and pads — could he help?

Mulitalo used to own an arena football team, so he sent the essential equipment over. It was a cause that played to his heart: helping young men learn life through the game of football.

St. Joseph then asked for more. Could he volunteer his time? Could he possibly coach?


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