Hawkeye: The Burdens of Life

“If you want others to be happy, practice Compassion. If you want to be happy, practice Compassion.”

“There is neither greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.”

As we well know, the burdens of life can be somewhat depressing from time to time. Such as recovering from a NDE. Time sets us apart from the good times, and regulates the bad. This is what makes life bearable fans. No need to rush out and commit “Hari Kari” just yet. Give it time, and things “WILL” get worse.

And this is what is on Hawkeye's mind on this beautiful Saturday Morning in Wonderland.

Hawkeye is assuming that we all had a nice Mothers Day with friends and family. Hawkeye can well imagine that there was a whole bunch of smiling Mothers out there in our close knit society last Sunday. Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor hereby wish all Mothers a belated Happy Mommas day!

Hawkeye hails the organizers of the fishing tourney and its huge success. It would seem that all went well and we could certainly tell by the smiles on the faces of the many Anglers who came back from the seas with their huge catch. Malo to the Tourney organizers and all who participated.

Such are the great Campaigns coming to life in Wonderland.

Hawkeye cannot help but wonder what Howard Dean was doing in Wonderland a couple of years ago? Wonder who was really responsible for getting FNC cut from the airwaves of Hooterville? Fox news reckons it weren’t them!

Perhaps Hawkeye's old friend from way down yonder in the great stete (State) of Mississippi would share a word or two on the subject. Hawkeye's friend is shy, so Hawk will suppress his name. {And His Initials!}

On a positive note, Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor were paying a visit to the Local Treasury Department the other day. Hawkeye will certainly hand it to the Treasurer and his staff for their efficiency and good manners. This is certainly a switch from when Hawkeye used to go there years ago. So a few kind words to the Treasurer, and his crew for their exhibition of professionalism, and politeness! “Malo Lava” from yours truly, Hawkeye.

It always makes a Homo-sapien feel better when he or she comes away from an experience with a happy face.

Hawkeye has always been a Happy Homo.. When he was a little boy growing up in the backwoods of South Eastern Pennsylvania, he learned real quick that we are derivatives of Hunters/Gatherers. Hawkeye was definitely a part of that era: While the rest of the clan did the hunting, Hawkeye did the gathering, as in Gather the firewood every evening or get you’re a%s beat, or freeze to death! Hawkeye learned just what it was like to go without meat, as he flat out refused to eat that old greasy Possum! On the other hand, Hawkeye's old dead redneck daddy came from the sticks of southern Virginia, and before that the Coal Mines of West Virginia. He knew what it was like to go “WOF.” (With Out Food) Hawkeye used to go Frog Giggin in the evenings. He knew just where all the good “Bull Frog” ponds were. Not only did he get to Gig the Frogs, of which some could reach two feet limb to limb, but he was always nominated to clean the Frogs. If he was lucky, there was a Frog-leg or two left for him. Most often not!

Hawkeye was trying to think of one happy time from his childhood, while growing up in Delta Pennsylvania. The only thing to date has been when he left Delta to join the Navy. Hawkeye was a volunteer at the beginning of the Viet Nam conflict. Nevertheless, this made him happy. This , of course was after the incident with Hawkeye's Blue Eyed Chicken.

Hawkeye was talking with one of the many tourists that have been turning up in Hooterville. We will never Guess what he suggested to Hawkeye: A Shoreline Railway! This is something that has been on Hawkeye's Drawing Board for years, but unfortunately, it is not about to happen in Hawkeye's lifetime. Perhaps when Pigs learn how to fly, or Chickens learn how to break dance! Speaking of which: Break Dancing has quite a history. It was invented by a guy in the Bronx attempting to steal spinner Hubcaps off of a moving Cadillac! Break-dancing is somewhat slower in Hooterville due to the speed limits.. Humm Speaking of the burdens of life, how would one wish to make a living break-dancing “OR” Thieving Hubcaps off of a moving Caddy? Hawkeye's Cousin once told him: “Hawkie,” Crime does not pay: {This was right after he had finished an 18 month stretch in the local Penitentiary! {For Burning down his father’s Barn!} Hawkeye would rather have his meat-house burned down than to have his Dairy Barn burned right in the middle of winter! It is hard to get the Holstein Cows to stand still for milking when they are standing “Bag Deep” in a snow Drift! Over.

Everyone remember to take care of the old folks and keep the chickens choked!

Love from Hawk & Leanor.




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