Graduation season DPS road blocks start Monday


The Department of Public Safety’s annual graduation season road blocks kicks off this coming Monday, May 21, 2012.

DPS Traffic Division Commander, Lieutenant Ta’aloloioufaiva John Cendrowski said these road blocks coincide with the "Click It or Ticket" campaign which will also get underway the same day.

Ta’aloloioufaiva explained the road block sites will vary, depending on the location of the school that is holding their graduation ceremony. The road blocks will be held near the area where each school holds their graduation.

Ta’aloloioufaiva is appealing to the public, especially parents, to be mindful during graduation season of our children who will be graduating and who will most likely be heading to parties, so please make sure they do not drink alcohol and get behind the wheel.

“It’s our job as parents make sure that our children know how dangerous it is to drink alcohol and drive," cautioned Ta’aloloioufaiva.

He is also appealing to the public to appoint a designated driver. “When you are behind the wheel and you’re intoxicated you place everyone on the road at risk, you may not think that, but that is definitely the case".

Ta’aloloioufaiva told Samoa News the "Click It or Ticket" national campaign is coordinated annually by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to promote the proper use of seat belts. This year's campaign starts May 21 through to June 3, 2012.

He said police officers will conduct intensive, high-visibility enforcement of seat belt laws, during both daytime and nighttime hours. During the day, police officers will be looking at child restraint violators, occupant safety on vehicles, also people riding on the bed box of the vehicle, children who are unsupervised while in the bed of the vehicle, speed violators, seat-belt violators and those caught driving under the influence of alcohol will not be tolerated.

Starting next week Monday officers are going to be increasing patrols, specifically focusing on seat belt use and police are warning motorists to buckle up.

They are also enforcing the law which prohibits high density headlights on vehicles. He added that traffic officers are on the lookout, not only for DUI offenders, speed violators but also vehicles with high density lights.

Ta’aloloioufaiva said police officers have issued multiple traffic citations under this new law and will continue to do so. He added that police officers are mainly looking at the year the vehicle was made. He said there are newer vehicle models which have high density lights installed by the manufacturer and these vehicles they can do nothing about.  “However the law prohibits any additional lights on, around or under a vehicle and any color headlights are a violation”.


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