Coast Guard investigation into death aboard fishing vessel ongoing


A preliminary report for the Coast Guard investigation into a death onboard the locally based fishing vessel, Carol Linda, can be expected by the end of next week says Coast Guard Lt. Steven Caskey.

When asked yesterday for an update on the investigation, Caskey said he interviewed the majority of the crew members on board the vessel and these are the fishermen who witnessed the accident.

“At this point, the investigation is ongoing and I hope to get a preliminary report by the end of next week,” he said in a brief telephone interview.

The Carol Linda returned the Port of Pago Pago last weekend and Caskey said the fishing vessel is still in town and can leave when they are ready to return to fishing.

The dead fisherman has been identified by Radio New Zealand International as 40-year Manolito Galvez of the Philippines whose body is now at the LBJ hospital morgue.

 Another fisherman, injured during the same accident was admitted to LBJ hospital when the vessel arrived in port.

Caskey had told Samoa News the initial report received by the Coast Guard was that the main mast of the vessel, that holds up the boom, broke in half and fell on the crew members, killing one crew member and injuring another.

 Caskey said an inspector with U.S. Department of Labor’s (USDOL) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), was on island last week for another case and the OSHA inspector went with him to talk to the Carol Linda crew members.

The OSHA investigation will look into possible safety issues under federal OSHA jurisdiction, said USDOL officials.


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