MMA fighter Pu’u once again to do battle


American Samoa’s very own professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Deutsch ‘Toa of Samoa’ Pu’u, is once again stepping back into the fight arena on Saturday May 26 in Hilo, Hawaii where he will be taking on undefeated Dylan Rush in the Tough-man Hawaii: ‘King of the Ring’ World Championship.

Samoa News had a chance to speak with Pu’u, via-email, about his upcoming bout and Samoa MMA, based in American Samoa. “I will be fighting undefeated champion Dylan Rush for the title. Rush is a former University of Stanford Wrestler who is training in Europe for this fight. He is tough and it will definitely be an upward climb for me, but I am prepared to do battle with Rush and bring the title to Samoa on my next trip home,” said Pu’u.

“Following this fight, I will be traveling back to American Samoa for the Samoa MMA July 4th fights. I am bringing with me one of my students, who is a Samoan Amateur Super Heavyweight from Samoa MMA (Hawaii branch), by the name of Peter Sefo, to fight another one of my students, Samoa MMA Super Heavyweight Abel Soliai. This will definitely be a match you do not want to miss. I would like to ask all of Samoa to please come out and support our events in American Samoa. One hundred percent of all proceeds from our fights are going to help cover gym overheard, purchase equipment for the gyms and Samoa MMA,” he said.

Samoa News also asked him about his young son who was hospitalized in Hawaii for 9 months.

Pu’u said, “My son is flourishing here in Hawaii. He was hospitalized for 9 months after being medically evacuated by the US Air Force from Samoa after both lungs collapsed,” he explained. Pu’u went on to say that he is happy to report that although his son continues to live on a ventilator, he is finally home with his family where he belongs, with his prognosis good and improving by the day. Pu’u asks everyone to please continue to pray for his son’s health.

“I would like to give God all of the glory, honor and especially the praise for continuing to bless me with talent and health to continue my career. I owe it all to Him. Also I would like to thank Mrs. Va’a of the Tri-care American Samoa Office and all of the LBJ Emergency room, Pediatric Ward, Intensive Care Unit and all of the Pediatric Doctors and staff for your love and care for my son while he was in the hospital and your undaunted spirits while dealing with the evacuation of my son.”

“To the current and future athletes of Samoa MMA, I say that, being a champion is and always will be the easy part. Preparing to become a champ will prove to be the hardest challenge. Train hard, dream big and visualize, then you will realize what being a champ is all about. I would especially like to send a shout out to my families... my Pu’u family in Nu’uuli and Alofaituli family of Vatia. Finally, O Lo’u loto lea! O lo’u Fatu lea! O A’U O LE ‘TOA O SAMOA,!” he said.

Pu’u captured the World Wide Mixed Martial Arts Gladiator Challenge Interim Heavyweight Championship title after defeating Ronnie Williams in the 1st round last year June 12, at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California. Unfortunately for Pu’u though, he lost his last MMA fight to Esteves Jones in the 1st round that took place on March 31, 2012 in El Paso, Texas, in a World Wide MMA bout. He is now looking to rebound from that loss.

The first MMA fight that took place here in American Samoa was the Combat Sports Challenge (CSC 4:11) that took place on in April of 2011 inside of ring, while the last MMA fight here in the territory was ‘Return of the Toa’ that was fought inside of a steel cage in December of last year, while the next MMA bout here in the territory will be on Independence Day, July 4.


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