Toa o le Tai Ocean Heroes lifeguard competition set for Saturday

Pictured 3rd from left, is marathon swimmer Bruckner Chase, with members of the Toa o le Tai Ocean Heroes Program, recently at Utulei Beach Park. [courtesy photo]

Bruckner Chase and American Samoa’s newest ‘ocean athletes’ invite the public out to witness the first ever Toa o le Tai Ocean Heroes, Ocean Lifeguard competition.

The lifeguard competition, which is part of the Bruckner Chase Toa o le Tai Ocean Heroes Youth Program will have participants competing in lifeguard events, that will be taking place this coming Saturday at the Utulei Beach Park, with a stating time of 9 a.m.

The events will consist of:

*Run/Swim: 200-meter run followed by a 300 meter swim

*Surf/Swim: (2) options: 200 meter, 500-meter swims

*Rescue Swim: (2) competitors: Athlete-1 swims 150-meters to a flag. Athlete-2 then swims to the flag with a rescue can and they return to shore together

*Paddleboard race- 600-meters

*Paddle pick up: (2) competitors: Athlete-1 swims out 150-meters. Athlete-2 paddles a rescue board to the victim. Both mount the board and return to the start together

*Ironguard: A solo 200-meter run, 300-meter swim and 600-meter paddleboard leg

*Ironguard Relay: (3) competitors: Each one covering one leg of the Ironguard course

Ocean Heroes Youth Program is a partnership with the Department of Commerce, Department of Education, Department of Public Safety and Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

For more information, visit the websites, www.toaoletai.org, brucknerchase.com, or contact Bruckner Chase at synthesis@brucknerchase.com


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