Watch out for those falling coconuts in Malaeimi


While walking or driving along the main highway in Malaeimi watch out for falling coconuts. There have been calls this week to the American Samoa Power Authority to assist in trimming coconut trees along the main road in Malaeimi.

Samoa News was told that one of the calls for help to ASPA came from the Governor’s Office following a recent report, and if it were not for the quick reaction of a driver, an accident would have occurred due to falling coconuts right onto the road.

The second call came from Tualauta Rep. Larry Sanitoa, who first approached the governor’s office for help and his request was also forwarded to ASPA. In a separate e-mail message to ASPA’s chief executive officer Andra Samoa, the lawmaker explained that he has been “made to understand that ASPA is better equipped and knowledgeable with tree trimming  than the Department of Public Works.”

“Several families in Malaeimi have reported the danger to pedestrians and automobiles being hit from tree debris, leaves, branches and coconuts falling from trees that are dangerously close to the roadside,” Sanitoa wrote.

Specifically, they are referring to coconut trees across from Dave’s Taxi Stand & Market Stands in Malaeimi, said Sanitoa, adding that Public Works and Public Safety are “very much aware of the hazard these coconut trees pose to commuters.”

And everyone is in agreement that the best solution would be to trim if not remove the trees from the roadside, said Sanitoa.

“The landowner has been alerted and has consented to proceed with trimming these trees as necessary to prevent any fatal accident,” he wrote and noted that graduations will begin soon and it would be ideal to get this cleared to avoid and prevent any unnecessary accident.”

Last week Samoa News received two complaints from motorists about fallen coconuts also in the Malaeimi area, especially during the time of strong winds. The coconuts fell on the road and missed two motorists heading into town.


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