Fijian beauty queen loses crown

DUMPED: Torika Watters has been forced to step down as Miss Fiji. [photo: Facebook via Stuff NZ]

A 16-year-old Fiji beauty queen, harshly criticised for being too white and not indigenous enough, has lost her crown.

School girl Torika Watters, a kailoma or mixed European/Fiji heritage person, was last month selected by the Miss World franchise, with a judging panel that included New Zealand model Rachel Hunter.

Watters was originally told she was eligible despite being 16 by show promoter Andhy Blake, but after fury broke out in Fiji over her race he announced this weekend that she was out for being too young.

A runner up, Koini Vakaloloma, 27, will now represent Fiji at the Miss World contest in Mongolia later in the year.

Vakaloloma is Fiji born and, according to the FijiLive website, is of Guajarati/French mix and speaks seven languages.

She was adopted by an indigenous Fijian family at birth.

"Being an ambassador for your country is not an easy task but it comes with responsibilities and more sacrifice," Vakaloloma said after Watters issued an angry statement.


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