2012 DOI scholarships awarded to local high school students for summer study

The U.S. Department of the Interior and The Junior Statesmen Foundation proudly announce the winners of scholarships to the 2012 Junior Statesmen Summer School.

The scholarships, funded by the Department of the Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs, cover all tuition costs and round trip transportation to the JSA Summer Schools and 2012 Presidential Election Symposium in the USA, and the JSA Diplomat Summer School in Beijing, China.

The 2012 DOI Scholarship Recipients in the American Samoa are:

Mika Aga from Leone High School who will attend the JSA Stanford Summer School

Joseph Langkilde from Fa’asao-Marist High School who will attend the JSA Georgetown Summer School

Miracle Maae from Tafuna High School who will attend the JSA Georgetown Summer School

Mariana Pato from Samoana High School who will attend the JSA Stanford Summer School

A total of 31 students from American Samoa, 17 students from the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, 10 students from Guam, 15 from the Federated States of Micronesia, 22 students from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, 18 students from Palau and 19 from the U.S. Virgin Islands have been accepted to attend a session of the 2012 Junior Statesmen Summer School.


Three sessions of the Junior Statesmen Summer School are conducted on the prestigious university campuses of Stanford (near San Francisco), Princeton (in central New Jersey), and Georgetown (in Washington, D.C.) and an international program is held at Capital Normal University in Beijing, China.

Summer School students take college level courses in Government and Speech, while they develop and polish their leadership skills. Students at the Diplomat Program in Beijing take Mandarin Chinese and study Chinese History and Culture.

Highlighting each Summer School session is a high level speakers program which gives students a chance to meet and question elected officials, judges, reporters, political campaign consultants, and others in the political arena.

Each night, Summer School students debate controversial political issues in Congressional Workshop, which is a simulation of the debates held in the United States Congress.

Admission to JSA Summer Schools is very competitive. Admission decisions are based on an applicant's academic achievement, leadership, and interest in politics or government.  To apply, students submit an official high school transcript, three personal essays, and a letter of recommendation from a counselor or an academic teacher.

Tuition, which covers all academic expenses, housing and meals for the month, is $4,500 for the USA program and $5,500 for the program in Beijing, China. Transportation to the summer school is not included in the tuition.

For the past twenty-one years, the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs has offered full tuition and transportation scholarships to the Junior Statesmen Summer School to outstanding high school students in U.S. territories.

Source: DOI media release


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