Local Baha’i youth to serve in Israel

Kennedy Nofoagatotoa (Center) with his parents, nephews and niece at his graduation from University of Hawaii, Manoa, last June, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Kennedy will be leaving next week for service to the Baha’i community in Israel. [courtesy photo]

 A 23 year old youth from American Samoa will spend the next year and a half of his life in the Holy Land, serving in Israel. Mr. Kennedy Richard Nofoagatoto’a of Ili’ili will depart the territory this Sunday, to start his service at the Bahá'í Faith World Center on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel.

Bahá'í youth from all over the world are often called upon to offer service at the Faith’s World Center, which attracts millions of visitors every year. It is one of Israel’s main tourist attractions because of its beautiful gardens and landscaping along with its spiritual and  peaceful surroundings. In the invitation letter to Kennedy, the international governing body of the Bahá'í Faith known as the Universal House of Justice said, “We are delighted to extend a cordial invitation to you to join the staff at the Bahá'í World Center to serve in the Office of Personnel for 18 months starting on May 16, 2012”.

According to Kennedy, who graduated last year from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics,  “The main aim of every Bahá'í youth is to serve humanity in any kind of praiseworthy service. This is why I’m so excited for this rare opportunity to serve in the holy land. I am truly honored to be invited by our Faith’s World Center to be part of its staff where not only I will apply what I’ve learned so far through education, but it will also be a perfect opportunity for me to continue to nurture and develop my spiritual life, so that I can become a useful citizen.”

The Bahá'í Faith, which is the second fastest growing religion after Christianity claims that the teachings brought by its Prophet Founder Bahá'u'lláh for this age, will help resolve the crises facing humanity, and are needed to fully develop the spiritual and social potentials of the human race. According to Kennedy, “This is why Bahá'ís are working hard on programs to pursue definite goals to achieve these ends. Among those programs are classes to meet the spiritual needs of children and training to empower junior youth to channel their energies into worthwhile purposes, and enable them to contribute positively to the development of our country in the future.”

Kennedy is the son of Afoa Fepulea’i Titi and Solamalemalo Fualau Fou Nofoagatoto’a of Ili’ili. His family is hosting a farewell BBQ this Saturday afternoon from 2-6pm at Two Dollar Beach in Avaio, to farewell Kennedy and to wish him well. Families and friends are all invited.

Source: Bahá'í Faith media release


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