Hawkeye: Support Your Local Post Office

“The kinder and more thoughtful we are, the more kindness we can find in other people.”

“Footprints in the sands of time were not made by folks who stood still.”

Happy Saturday to all fine upstanding Homo-sapiens of greater Hooterville. What a beautiful day to be alive and kicking in Paradise.

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor are just as happy as if they both had good sense. And believe it or not, regardless of whether we are all there, or not playing with a full deck, the end result is normally the same... Humm.

Hawkeye has never been one to sit around the cook fire worrying about life either way. He chances it, and takes life as it comes at him which is usually one day at a time.

Hawkeye was reading a disturbing piece of garbage the other day where the Federal Government is planning to cut back on the US Postal Services. This gets back to mismanagement folks and being ran roughshod by our Postal Workers Union.

This is right over there with the American Autoworkers Unions. When Hawkeye was earning $7.00 per hour, and he could live comfortably on this salary in an equal economy, life was all hunky dory! Hawkeye recalls taking an overseas position in the early seventies for $10,000 per year and thought he was a millionaire! The bottom line is that the American Worker has driven themselves right out of the Labor Markets, and in doing so has created rampant unemployment, and vast poverty. We often are our own worst enemy fans. If consumer goods on the supermarket shelves were to come in line, along with the general cost of living, we could entertain the thought of climbing down off our “High Horses” and try to win another round for the “Gipper!” An automobile today, costs nearly as much as a house in the 1970’S. Life was good back then. People were working, the country was at war which was creating Jobs by the Millions to keep the war machine in operation. The same was true for The Korean Police Action, WW-II {The Big One}, WW-I, and all the way back to the Spanish American War.

The point is that our nation’s economy has historically been based on war. The Civil War, The American Revolution, the Indian wars, and the wars with drug lords! We bailed out the Auto Makers. Are we going to bail out the US Postal Service?

This is not the answer folks. The answer is Austerity! We need to begin by working harder at putting the American Work Force back in to gainful employment.

Quit looking for someone with a Masters Degree to dig a ditch! Hawkeye has never before seen a computer that could go out there and build a bridge, dig a ditch, or build a building! The computer is very useful in designing these things, and can be very helpful in shooting a grade for a new sewer system, But it takes a Homo-sapien to press the keys to make it happen! This takes only one qualified Homo to operate the computer. Our problem now is that everyone wants to wear the white shirts, and drive the Ferrari’s, while living in the large Mansions on the Hill!

The banks need to vet the people they are lending money to and get the interest to a workable level so the person who is earning that ditch diggers salary can afford a Ford, and a modest dwelling for he and his family while his kids are in elementary school learning how to speak English! We all need to come back together at the well of life and regroup! We need to rethink our entire economical situation and pump up our defense systems while at the same time putting everyone back to work.

There should be not one dime paid out in welfare and unemployment insurance as long as there are jobs working our Defense Plants, our Roads, Bridges, Subway Systems, airports and last but not least, “Homes For unwed Mothers!” Do any Hawkeye Fans remember “Rosie The Riveter?”  Or “Jack & Bill?” They all had a place in life, and were proud of it. They got their A#&e’s out of bed each morning, fed and watered the Hawgs, fed and watered the “Youngins,” got everyone off to school, cleaned the “Hooch,” and then hauled A*s off to work an eight hour day in the Aircraft Factories! This is where we need to be heading once again folks, in order to once again get our s#@t back together, and quit worrying what the rest of the world is doing! We need to get our financial House back in order and implement stringent financial constraints on our Federal Government! We not need increase taxes: we simply need for every American to earn and pay their fair share!

This is the way Hawkeye sees it folks, and we can begin right here at home! After-all, Home is where the Heart Lies! The last time Hawkeye checked, we all have a heart!

Then there are the aliens to worry about: what will they think if we put them to work and make them pay taxes?

Love from,

Hawkeye & Leanor.


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