Biggest catch so far in I’a Lapo’a Tournament

[photo: TG]

The biggest catch as of day three of the Steinlager’s 13th International I’a Lapo’a Tournament turned up yesterday, after a first two days of hardly any catches.

The Southern Destiny from Samoa was the third boat that reached the scale before the deadline yesterday, and it brought in the biggest catch of the tournament as of now, a 392.4 Blue Marlin which was lured in by angler Mike Apted.

Mike remains at the top with the biggest catch ever this year, but the tournament is still yet under way as of now, and it will conclude tomorrow.

Will Apted’s Blue Marlin hold it off for the win, or will some of the other competitors lure in a bigger catch? It all happens this afternoon at the Marina Dock in Malaloa.



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