Op-Ed: Junior Seau's position exacerbated his condition, former NFL player says

Riki Ellison was a middle linebacker at USC in 1978, '79, '80 and '82, and played with the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Raiders from 1983 to 1992. The following is a letter he wrote with his feelings on the suicide of Junior Seau:

Here I stand on the sands of Waikiki with the sounds of rolling, soft waves gliding gently upon the wet sands of retreat. The stoic Diamond Head stands in raw contrast to the Pacific waters, its unmistakable beauty a commanding presence.

The roots of Polynesian spirits are stirred, coming from within and without, from the tropics of countless islands and shores touched by the Pacific Ocean.

The tragic loss of Junior Seau — who exemplified those Polynesian roots, its soul and its traits at the highest levels — has to be questioned by those who also come from these waters and have traveled similar paths.

The loss of Junior Seau has led to much public speculation and oversimplified reasoning. The liberty I am taking to share my thoughts may incite, may bore, may shed light and may shed more rumors; yet a man has the right to speak and if it somehow prevents these types of rare situations. then it must be said.


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