Annual DYWA Mother’s Day service to be held at Nu’uuli Methodist


The Department of Youth and Women’s Affair (DYWA) annual Mother’s Day service will be held this year at the Nu’uuli Methodist Church under the leadership of Reverend Fereti Seve, on this Sunday, Mother’s Day, beginning at 4 p.m.

Leiataua Lealiifano Leuga A. Turner, Director of DYWA invites all the mothers of the territory to attend this Mother’s Day service, which is an annual event to honor all mothers in the territory.

The theme of this year is “Tina, o Oe o la’u Ato Ponapona”. (”Mother, you are my role model”)

Leiataua said Mother’s Day is a celebration meant to honor mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in our society.

It is with this thought that the department selected the theme, which is a Samoan proverbial expression summarizing the significance of a mother and her role in Samoan society, the director said.

The DYWA Mother’s Day service planners have chosen Governor Togiola T. A. Tulafono as the keynote speaker, given that this will be his last Mother’s Day service as governor.  

Leiataua said the first Mother’s Day service was initially coordinated by the American Samoa’s Women’s Council in the 1980’s.

This service was then transferred over to the DYWA when Mrs. Fiasili Puni E. Haleck was DYWA director.

In 2007 when Leiataua was appointed, she chose to continue the DYWA Mother’s Day tradition of a church service, which has been held in conjunction with various church denominations in the Territory.


2007            Fagatogo CCCAS, Reverend Ned Ripley            “Aputiputi a tatou fanau”

2008            Laulii CCCAS, Reverend Iakopo Seumalo            “O le Tina o le Punavai Ola”

2009            Iakina SDA, Pastor Sione Ausage            “Lalaga Faatasi”

2010            Pavaia’i Catholic, Catechist Malaki Timu            “Tina, o fea Oe? O manuia lou Aiga?

2011            Matuu/Faganeanea CCCAS, Reverend Fouvale Asiata            “Tina o oe ma a’u”


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