O se va’aiga i le screen po’o le fa’ailo mo le Polokalama Fa’akomipiuta a le ‘Fonomatai’ lea o le a fa’aaogaina i fonotaga uma a le Fono ina ia fa’afaigofie ona feutaga’i e aunoa ma ni toe tusitusiga e lolomia o pili fa’aulu, suiga i pili fa’aulu, aiaiga o suiga i tulafono ua mae’a pasia, mea uma fa’apena e o’o lava i fa’amaumauga o pili ma tulafono pasia, ma le toe fa’amaumauina fo’i o tulafono uma ua mae’a pasia ma fa’atautaia ai le tatou malo mai le 50+ tausaga ua tuana’i. [ata: foa’i]

The American Samoa Legislature is raising the bar in the Pacific region by integrating technology into its lawmaking process. On Monday, May 7th, Texas-based and Samoan-owned, Petaia Media is installing and training Fono staff on a revolutionary new information management system.

This initiative will generate substantial savings annually with the implementation of a new wireless and paperless system. The new initiative will implement a digital archiving program that is in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) digital design standards.

Fonomatai, a project management system designed specifically for the American Samoa Legislature by Petaia Media, is the first of its kind in the South Pacific.

 “There are a handful of governments that use this type of wireless system and American Samoa will join their ranks. This initiative shows that American Samoa is not just talking about decreasing their carbon footprint, they’re making it happen. It’s cost effective without constant use of paper for multiple drafts in the review process. It’s efficient with instant access to updated documents. Moreover, it’s making our government more accessible to the community they serve by digitizing public records”, says Sa’u Stephen Petaia, Managing Partner of Petaia Media.

The public will have access to a website containing years of documentation and public digital records. The site also allows access to the legislative branch and promotes transparency between the general public and legislative process. Collegiate American Samoan students on-island and in the diaspora will be able to comb through 50+ years of documentation.

“Imagine high school and collegiate Samoan students, not just on-island but in the diaspora, researching our lawmaking process from a historical perspective. They’ll soon be able to access these public documents like never before. The digital archiving serves as a time capsule or sorts. It’s going to give them the ability to gauge the political climate back when my mother was a teenager in American Samoa to the present time. I believe we’re laying a quality foundation for future lawmakers.” says Pita Taase, Senior Analyst for Petaia Media.

In addition to the FonoMatai software upgrade, the installation will also feature hardware upgrades that include a new server setup, iPad 2s, desktop computers, laptops, and digital screens, Dell Projectors with wireless features, Apple TVs, and HD webcams. The integration of new hardware and software will be housed in an encrypted secure wireless network environment to ensure that American Samoan government documents continue to be preserved for future generations of lawmakers. “We anticipate that Fonomatai will have a significant impact on the workflow in the Fono. This system will change the way we conduct business many years to come. The collaboration with Petaia Media has been important,” says Manny Lagafuaina, Head of Fono Management Information Systems.

Petaia Media will oversee the initiative while providing training and support to legislative members. Funding has been provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

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(Source: Petaia Media)


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