Pro wrestler encourages young athletes

courtesy photo

Samoan professional wrestler Nick Primo, who has ties here in American Samoa and comes from the Filoialii family of Ta’u Manu’a, is back in Japan again on tour with the professional wrestling organization known as Zero-1 Wrestling,

Samoa New spoke with Primo via email. “I just want to say hi to my family back in American Samoa and tell them that I am doing great” said Primo. “I wish there were more Samoans in professional wrestling, especially here in Japan, because they love the Samoan wrestlers. It is mainly because of their physical and metal toughness and their willingness to represent the Fa’a Samoa,” Primo emailed.

“I know that there are young people in American Samoa and Samoa, who if given a chance, would make it big in this business. Hopefully I can make it back to American Samoa someday to possibly train some future stars. It is hard work, but with the right training, the possibility of making it a reality goes up a few notches.

 “Wherever I am in the ring, whether it is in Japan, the United States or anywhere else in the world, I try my best to represent the Fa’a Samoa, the best way I know how,” said Primo.


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