PHS holds Children’s Art Show & auction

This lovely tapa design was created by Cher Nomura, 6th grader at Pacific Horizons School under the guidance of art teacher Wilson Fitiao. It is one of many that will be on display during the Children’s Art Show and auction to be held at Tradewinds Hotel tomorrow. [courtesy photo]

Saturday, May 5 promises to be a busy day on island, and one of the loveliest events scheduled is an art show and auction to be held at the Tradewinds Hotel in Ottoville.

The show is being hosted to benefit Pacific Horizons School, an Ottoville neighbor.

 Student from all grades, preschool through high school have contributed pieces for the show according to school principal, Caroline Tuiolosega. The show will also proudly feature donations from some generous local artists—Wilson Fitiao, Tasha Lavatai, and Reggie Meredith.

Fitiao currently teaches art classes for the school, which was begun in the territory in 1994.

Said Tuiolosega, “Artwork will be displayed on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3pm. and artwork that is ready for show can already be found online at the school website —www.pacific-horizons-school.com. Follow the link “PHS Art Auction Preview” on the left, and note that some items already have bids.”

 Why an art show? Primarily, said Tuilosega, “to showcase the beautiful talent of our students as well as some tremendous local talent. “

“I have always been impressed with the artistic ability of children and when their work is showcased in a professional way, I think others will also take delight in their work.” 

“It’s really a celebration,” she added. “I’ve always loved children’s art shows and when I saw the work or our middle school students this year under the tutelage of Wilson Fitiao, the idea of a children’s art show came to light.”

“From its inception,” says Tuiolosega, “PHS has always strived to provide a quality education for its students by keeping class sizes small and by hiring the most qualified staff available. In these difficult economic times, it is financially challenging to provide this kind of education.”

So the art show serves another purpose— “It is also a fundraiser, and a means by which our school can continue to provide a quality education for the children on our island.”

“The mission of Pacific Horizons is to help young people chart their direction  and build skills necessary for a successful journey through life,” she explained.

The Pacific Horizon philosophy, according to Tuiolosega, is based on the following goals: Self Esteem, Respect, and  Love of Learning. She noted that developing love and respect for oneself, for others, and for the world are incorporated into the curriculum, and developing a life-long love for learning, critical thinking skills and creative problem solving are woven into the student’s day. The enthusiastic principal of PHS noted, “Physical, mental and emotional development go hand in hand” and the creative arts are part of this development.

In her conversation with Samoa News, principal Tuiolosega said there were numerous people to thank for the show’s concept and design. Members of the PHS board were singled out for their support as well as the three local artists who contributed to the effort.

“Many parents and PHS supporters, artists, and members of the business community have contributed to make this auction a reality” said Tuiolosega. It is because of their generosity and alofa that the talents of our children will be on display, and there will be beautiful pieces of art for those who want to encourage our youth and support our school.”

The show is free of charge, and families and patrons of the arts are encouraged to stop by the lobby of the Tradewinds Hotel any time between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday to view the work.


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