ASCC Art students fund raising

photo: TLH

Alex Tuato’o, a second year student at ASCC holds up one of his paintings at the Open House held at the ASCC Art Studio — recently renamed “Suifefiloi” — on Thursday, April 27, 2012. He calls the work, which was created with powder pastel ( a medium similar to charcoal) “Lava Castle” and it was one of the pieces for sale during the auction held that evening.

The art students are raising money for a very special road trip to Texas where they will visit colleges, museums and landmarks as they study SouthWest art in America. Art professor Reggie Meredith calls the journey “South Pacific meets South West” and she is planning to take at least four of her top students on the malaga, including Alex.

Alex’s mother, Maria, told Alex that she wants to purchase all of his work, as she is “his biggest fan”. Alex works with ebony pencils, charcoal and powder pastels.

There are still many pieces of art for sale from the students, who will be leaving on their trip May 20. Interested parties can contact the Art Department at ASCC  (699-9155) or email Reggie at ra.meredith5@gmail.com. There are also T-shirts for sale with an original Reggie Meredith design to help the students fund their journey.


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