National Park calls for Earth Day, Every Day

In support of Earth Day on April 22, the  the National Park of American Samoa reminds residents that they can do little things everyday to help the Earth.

The national park recommends that everyone in American Samoa and visitors take actions everyday to help make  climate cleaner and be a part of the solution. A first step is to place all rubbish in bins.

Simple changes like replacing lightbulbs with compact fluorescents, unplugging appliances not in use, covering pots while cooking, only washing full loads and line-drying laundry, reducing and reusing bags and other materials, walking, carpooling, taking the bus and making trips more efficient, and spreading the word to friends and family to do what they can to stop climate change and be a part of the solution.

Earth Day was established in 1970 to inspire awareness and appreciation for the natural world. Earth Day is now celebrated throughout the United States and over 175 countries.

Source: National Park of American Samoa


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